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Supporting you in your mission is our mission.

Provide to companies in the greater Montreal area the same IT resources as large corporations. Cost-effective solutions specially designed to meet your specific needs. Without exclusions.

Flexible. Proactive. Accessible.

At BeMotion, we understand the challenges facing small and medium-sized businesses in the greater Montreal area. We know that your success depends on reliable IT and technology solutions. That’s why we’re here! Provide the IT support you need to succeed.

The accelerating “pace” of technical updates with IT and technological innovations regularly affects today’s business operations. To remain active and competitive in the marketplace, these companies need to keep their needs up to date and remain proactive in their IT choices. BeMotion has two components:

  • Be : being flexible, being proactive and being accessible are the three key areas that meet the IT management needs of modern businesses.
  • Motion : to maintain your business activity away from major cyber threats or incidents.

We understand that technology is at the heart of your business. As custodian of this enormous responsibility, management discipline is our beacon for better managing and protecting your IT. Your success is our success.

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Our “Zero IT Downtime” commitment

It is well known that ZERO risk does not exist, but our motivation to find IT and technical solutions that allow us to achieve our commitment to ‘Zero IT Downtime’ for our clients is very real. We all know that a simple IT failure leads to financial and business losses for companies. That’s why, every day, our team of IT experts works to prevent these IT failures, no matter how minor they may be. To limit the negative impacts on our clients, we commit to working on:

  • Attentively listening to the business and operational needs of our clients;
  • Researching and implementing IT solutions that meet the needs of your business;
  • Proposing better-designed tools or equipment to prevent failures in your sector;
  • The rigor of our IT implementation and intervention processes;
  • The continuous training of our IT experts to better handle current and future IT disasters.

These factors guide our determination and perseverance in achieving our ‘Zero IT Downtime’ goal for the benefit of our clients.

Well managed, well secured to protect your core business against cyberthreats.

Global range of managed IT services.

To ensure the smooth operation of your company, a cybersecurity solution must integrate a range of essential IT management services. BeMotion centralizes the IT management of your IT infrastructure by consolidating a range of IT services under a global managed service, to strengthen your company’s core business protection against internal or external cyberthreats.

Why a "Global" IT Management service?
Understanding today’s and tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges that may impact your core business. Is your IT well managed, well secured? Find out in our DEMO, now.

Active IT Mangement benefits.

Well managed, well secured… easy.

Management. Support. Protection.

Implement a preventive IT approach and gain peace of mind knowing that malware will not infiltrate your IT infrastructure when BeMotion manages and supports your IT.

Presentation of BeMotion’s Global IT Management Service solution. The IT difference that allows your enterprise to grow with today’s and tomorrow’s cybersecurity evolving challenges.