IT, well managed, well secured.

Million Terabytes

Data created and exchanged every day

For a small or medium-sized business, data loss or theft can lead to significant financial setbacks. By improving your IT management, you can avoid costly operational disruptions.

managed IT support. Reliable.

All-inclusive global IT management service. Say goodbye to operational interruptions.

Some basic IT Management services can solve a variety of problems and help prevent risks, downtime, and troubleshooting in case of incidents.

Unlimited IT Support

Continuous monitoring and maintenance for Montreal and Laval company’s IT infrastructure:

  • 24/7 Monitoring and Maintenance: The service ensures continuous surveillance and upkeep of your company’s IT infrastructure.
  • Cybersecurity: They eliminate any cybersecurity threats or delays before they impact your business.
  • Timely Intervention: Administrators at all levels intervene at the right time.
  • Guaranteed Service Rate: The service rate is guaranteed.

Real-time IT monitoring

Allowing employees to focus on important tasks without being distracted by technical problems leading to:

  • Employee Frustration Reduction: The service helps to reduce employee frustration by handling all IT issues.
  • Productivity Improvement: By managing IT problems, the service allows employees to focus on important tasks, thereby improving their productivity.
  • Comprehensive IT Support: The service takes care of all IT-related problems.

Easy Way to forecast It costs

Preserve business cash flow by minimising  internal resource expenses and get more of:

  • Expert IT Support: Provides IT experts at all levels without the need to hire new employees.
  • Team Extension: Acts as an extension of your team, offering strategic IT advice.
  • Fixed Monthly Rate: Services are provided at a single monthly rate, making budgets predictable and manageable.

Increase operational efficiency

Reach business operational efficiency despite limited IT resources when expanding on:

  • IT Resource Limitations: Many businesses fall behind due to limited IT resources.
  • Managed IT Services: The service involves delegating tasks, system updates, and network management.
  • Risk Prevention: Ensures the business is protected from downtime or intrusions.

Infrastructure and IT hardware inventory

Tracking and management of a company’s IT assets that brings:

  • IT Asset Management: The service tracks all IT assets, whether equipping employees with new devices or deactivating devices due to turnover.
  • Detailed Reporting: Provides detailed reports on the IT ecosystem and infrastructure performance.
  • In-depth Analysis and Recommendations: Offers thorough analyses and data-driven recommendations to help make more informed business decisions.

unlimited it workstation

Comprehensive monitoring and maintenance of all IT workstations within a company’s network:

  • Comprehensive IT Management: The service includes monitoring and maintenance of all IT workstations.
  • Fixed Pricing: The service is provided at the same price, regardless of the number of workstations.
  • Scalability: This flexibility allows businesses to expand their IT infrastructure without unexpected costs impacting their IT management services.

Discover the IT difference that allows your company to grow with today’s and tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges.

managed IT support. Reliable.

All IT Management Services available to you without any exclusions.

A comprehensive suite of IT services to enhance the protection of your operations…


Data Management & Encryption

What do we secure? How?

  • Cloud Services and Management
  • Data Backup and Archiving
  • Data Migration
  • Encryption
  • Sensitive Data Vulnerability Analysis

Hardware & Software Management

IT assets always in working condition

  • Professional IT workstations
  • Phone Systems (VoIP)
  • Imaging and deployment
  • Consulting, sales, maintenance, and repair

Helpdesk Support Management

All Level IT Experts

  • Microsoft 365
  • Multilevel technical support
  • Analysis, prioritization, assignment, and tracking of requests
  • 24/7 monitoring

User Access Management

Who ?
What ? When ?

  • Password assignment and management
  • Multi-factor access
  • 24/7 monitoring


IT Incident Management

Analyze, assign, and prioritize minor incidents.

  • Spam & Virus Filtering
  • Antivirus
  • Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Recovery Plan Solution & Management

Proactive defense against major incidents.

  • Technical risk analysis
  • Development and optimization of recovery plans
  • Backup restoration testing

Well managed, well secured to protect your core business against cyberthreats.

Global range of managed IT services.

To ensure the smooth operation of your company, a cybersecurity solution must integrate a range of essential IT management services. BeMotion centralizes the IT management of your IT infrastructure by consolidating a range of IT services under a global managed service, to strengthen your company’s core business protection against internal or external cyberthreats.

Why a "Global" IT Management service?
Understanding today’s and tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges that may impact your core business. Is your IT well managed, well secured? Find out in our DEMO, now.

Active IT Mangement benefits.

Well managed, well secured... easy.

Management. Support. Protection.

Implement a preventive IT approach and gain peace of mind knowing that malware will not infiltrate your IT infrastructure when BeMotion manages and supports your IT.

Presentation of BeMotion’s Global IT Management Service solution. The IT difference that allows your enterprise to grow with today’s and tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges.