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IT administrators busy protecting your projects.

A proactive approach that identifies and monitors vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your networks, data, software, and devices that could be exposed to cyber threats.

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Unique proactive approach. IT experts for Greater Montreal and Laval businesses.

Controlling the situation before it happens. A proactive approach that leads to peace of mind.

 BeMotion’s IT administrators proactive approach involves identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your networks, software, and devices that could be exploited by cyberattacks. This is done by actively strengthening IT defenses, rather than waiting for attackers to strike. When they do, the repercussions can be devastating for your operations and data.

Cybersecurity regulations are intensifying for professional firms.

IT for Professsionnal firms

Professional firms’ specialised data is valuable.

Professional firms and offices are prime targets for hackers. They store extremely valuable and sensitive information and may even have access to trust accounts containing their clients’ money. Therefore, they are likely to be stolen or subject to ransom demands.

Cyberthreats targeting professional firms
  • Theft of credentials. 49% of data breaches involved the use of stolen credentials. It often starts with a malicious email designed to trick associates, lawyers, or staff into sharing their login information.
  • Financial redirection. Financial redirection occurs when a hacker intercepts payments between you and your clients.
  • Ransomware attacks. Ransomware, which encrypts important files and information, can start with a malicious email or a website download. The cybercriminal can also exploit a vulnerability, such as an outdated operating system, to break into the computer and launch the malware.
  • Supply chain attacks. Intrusion through a weak link in your supply chain to access your network or data.
  • Hybrid work environments are more exposed to cyberthreats.

IT for Engineering and Construction

Before starting to develop a cybersecurity strategy, it is important to know the most significant risks.

We know that you rely on your technology for every aspect of a project’s lifecycle – from preconstruction to management, operations, and everything in between. We help our engineering clients stay safe.

BeMotion specializes in helping engineering firms protect their sensitive data against all types of threats

Common methods used by hackers to infiltrate a network
  • Unsupported or outdated operating systems and/or hardware.
  • Hardware and/or software configuration issues.
  • Lack of patches and updates.
  • Untrained employees downloading malware or sending confidential information.
  • Lack of corporate-level cybersecurity solutions.

Insuring engineering firms protect their sensitive data against all types of threats.

Integrating IT and OT security

IT for Manufacturing

A disruption of production lines due to a cyberthreat can cost thousands of dollars per minute. Such disruptions are the very antithesis of the number one goal of the manufacturing industry, which is to increase profitability.

The manufacturing industry is one of the fastest-evolving sectors of the global economy, meaning that the quantities and methods of using, processing, storing, and accessing data are changing radically. As an existing target for cyber attackers, manufacturing companies have every interest in redoubling their efforts as soon as possible to secure their systems.

Main Cybersecurity Risks for Manufacturing Companies
  • Theft of intellectual property through cyber espionage. 
  • Social engineering and phishing attacks. 
  • Ransomware, where threat actors encrypt the company’s critical data and demand money in exchange for the decryption key. 
  • A supply chain attack can have a significant ripple effect, potentially damaging multiple operations.

Discover the IT difference that allows your company to grow with today’s and tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges.

Well managed, well secured to protect your core business against cyberthreats.

Global range of managed IT services.

To ensure the smooth operation of your company, a cybersecurity solution must integrate a range of essential IT management services. BeMotion centralizes the IT management of your IT infrastructure by consolidating a range of IT services under a global managed service, to strengthen your company’s core business protection against internal or external cyberthreats.

Why a "Global" IT Management service?
Understanding today’s and tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges that may impact your core business. Is your IT well managed, well secured? Find out in our DEMO, now.

Active IT Mangement benefits.

Well managed, well secured... easy.

Management. Support. Protection.

Implement a preventive IT approach and gain peace of mind knowing that malware will not infiltrate your IT infrastructure when BeMotion manages and supports your IT.

Presentation of BeMotion’s Global IT Management Service solution. The IT difference that allows your enterprise to grow with today’s and tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges.