IT, well managed, well secured.

Need advice on data backup?

Did you know that almost 40% of small and medium-sized businesses don’t back up their data?

Everything you need to know about backups

How to choose a data backup plan that suits my business?

  • The 3 essential criteria for data backup
  • Measuring the value of your data Identifying and segmenting the data to be backed up
  • To back up on the Cloud or not? The difference.
  • Restoring a data backup after an incident.

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Backing up your files and data will streamline your recovery process after an IT incident. 

Think about it!


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Managed IT services. Reliable and affordable management.

Data backups are the cornerstone of any recovery plan

After an IT incident… How quickly does your business need to be operational again?

In days

Your goal depends on external storage data backups of the production environment. The most recent backup available is used as the restoration point.

In hours

Your goal requires continuous snapshots of the production environment. In the event of a disaster, data restoration is faster and causes less disruption to business operations.

In minutes

Your goal involves using enterprise cloud backup and storage solutions to mirror or replicate data. These services often replicate data across multiple geographic locations for maximum redundancy. Failover and recovery are seamless.

Well managed, well secured to protect your core business against cyberthreats.

Global range of managed IT services.

To ensure the smooth operation of your company, a cybersecurity solution must integrate a range of essential IT management services. BeMotion centralizes the IT management of your IT infrastructure by consolidating a range of IT services under a global managed service, to strengthen your company’s core business protection against internal or external cyberthreats.

Why a "Global" IT Management service?
Understanding today’s and tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges that may impact your core business. Is your IT well managed, well secured? Find out in our DEMO, now.

Active IT Mangement benefits.

Well managed, well secured... easy.

Management. Support. Protection.

Implement a preventive IT approach and gain peace of mind knowing that malware will not infiltrate your IT infrastructure when BeMotion manages and supports your IT.

Presentation of BeMotion’s Global IT Management Service solution. The IT difference that allows your enterprise to grow with today’s and tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges.